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Epilepsy Program

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Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Renown’s epilepsy program is recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers, and is the only Level III epilepsy center in northern Nevada
The Epilepsy Program offers the latest treatments for diagnosing and treating epilepsy. The program’s goal is to prevent seizures and enable patients to lead typical, active lives. We provide advanced video brain wave (EEG) testing by skilled, registered technologists. This testing is safe, painless, and determines if there is any irregular electrical brain activity, which may cause seizures. 
Our comprehensive epilepsy program also specializes in: 
  • Consultation for epilepsy and EEG monitoring 
  • Pregnancy planning and monitoring for women with epilepsy 
  • Episodic loss of awareness in the elderly 
  • Driving privilege requirements 
  • Education for those living with seizures 

Epilepsy: Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe

Epilepsy in children: Overview

Epilepsy is a common condition that causes repeated seizures. The seizures are caused by bursts of electrical activity in the brain that aren't normal. Seizures may cause problems with muscle control, movement, speech, vision, or awareness. They can be scary.

Epilepsy affects each person differently. Some people have only a few seizures. Others get them more often.

It's normal to worry when your child has a seizure. But it's also important to help your child live, play, and learn like other children.

Your child can take medicines to control and reduce seizures. And you can find ways to help keep your child as safe as possible. You and your doctor will need to find the right combination, schedule, and dose of medicine. This may take time and careful changes.

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