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Renown Breast Surgery Care, located within the Center for Advanced Medicine B, is a comprehensive, fully integrated breast surgery clinic, addressing a wide spectrum of breast problems ranging from benign to cancerous:

  • Benign breast conditions such as fibroadenoma, phyllodes tumors, and nipple discharge
  • Breast cancer risk assessment and genetics
  • High risk breast lesions such as atypical ductal hyperplasia, atypical lobular hyperplasia, LCIS, papillary lesions, and radial scars
  • Advanced breast cancer surgical techniques including oncoplastic surgery for best aesthetic outcomes possible and nipple sparing mastectomies, working closely with skilled plastic reconstructive surgeons.

Our highly experienced breast surgical oncologists are continuing to expand our team to better meet the evolving needs of our community and beyond.  We are excited to soon be incorporating an oncology wellness team who can further support our patients with focused nutritional guidance, functional assessments for prehabilitation needs prior to surgery or medical treatments, and guidance for development of physical activity and other exercise programs, for best outcomes in cancer treatment as well as future risk reduction.

The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) is a rigorous process designed to ensure high quality care for breast centers by meeting thoughtfully created standards that are constantly being reviewed and updated for ongoing improvement of patient care. We are the only NAPBC-accredited program in Northern Nevada.

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