A Transformative Journey: Mary's Bariatric Surgery Story at Renown Health

By: Renown Wellness Team

February 21, 2024

Mary Escobar

Embarking on the path to bariatric surgery is a unique and deeply personal journey. Individuals like Mary Escobar choose this life-changing route for reasons ranging from improved cardiovascular health to managing diabetes or finding relief from various health complications. In Mary's case, her two-decade-long healthcare journey not only underscores the challenges she faced but also highlights the support and expertise that ultimately led to her successful transformation through bariatric surgery.

Mary's Resilience: December 2002 through February 2003

More than two decades ago, Mary experienced unforeseen health complications just days after giving birth via c-section. Septic shock, hemolytic uremic syndrome, thrombocytopenia, renal failure and a blood clot in her lung plunged her into a critical state. Intensive care, plasma exchange and a long recovery followed. After being discharged with compromised kidney function, Mary faced complete renal failure two years later, leading to dialysis and a spot on the donor list.

Mary's brother, a perfect match, selflessly donated his kidney on Dec. 14, 2007, marking a turning point in Mary's health.

However, the post-transplant period brought new challenges, including diabetes, high blood pressure and a significant weight gain, reaching 230 pounds. Determined to regain control, Mary explored various diets without success until she consulted with a bariatric doctor.

Journey to Bariatric Surgery: November 2009 - April 2021

In November 2009, Mary opted for a gastric band, shedding 40 pounds within a year. Despite initial success, issues with the gastric band arose, prompting a consultation with Dr. John Ganser at Renown Health in April 2021. Together, they decided to transition to a gastric sleeve, with comprehensive education provided to ensure long-term success.

A New Beginning: February 2023

On Febr. 6, 2023, Mary checked into Renown Regional Medical Center for the removal of her gastric band and the completion of her gastric sleeve procedure. The compassionate and highly knowledgeable staff on the General Surgery Unit on the fourth floor of the Tahoe Tower supported her throughout the procedures, providing essential postoperative education. Since the surgery, Mary's weight has dropped to 158 pounds, bringing her back to her pre-dialysis weight.

Results and Gratitude: May 2023

The post-surgery period has brought remarkable improvements for Mary. Her A1C dropped from 9.2 in January 2023 to 6.2 in May 2023, reflecting better diabetes management. Additionally, her blood pressure has stabilized, requiring less medication. Mary also actively participates in support groups offered by Renown Regional Medical Center, featuring speakers such as nutritionists, bariatric physicians and fitness coaches.

Mary's transformative journey, supported by Renown Health and Dr. Ganser, showcases the impactful results achievable through bariatric surgery. Her commitment to health, coupled with the expertise of her healthcare team, has not only brought physical well-being but also a renewed sense of self.

For those considering bariatric surgery, Mary's story serves as a testament to the procedure’s life-changing potential.