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Advanced Wound Care

Renown Advanced Wound Care provides specialized treatment for wound healing, ostomy care and foot and nail care. Our team of certified nurses and physicians is uniquely qualified, experienced and dedicated to providing care for severe and chronic wounds.

  • Specialties
  • Treatments

We Specialize in Wounds Caused by:

  • Diabetes (neuropathy)
  • Vascular diseases (blood vessel diseases)
  • Radiation therapy (from cancer treatment)
  • Trauma
  • Burns
  • Pressure ulcers

Our Wound Care Treatments Include:

  • Negative pressure therapy, where controlled pressure is applied to draw out fluid
  • Biological skin substitutes, where cell therapy is used to “jumpstart” a stalled wound
  • Pulsatile irrigation, where water is delivered at high pressure to clean wounds
  • Offloading techniques, such as padding or dressing to take pressure off a wounded area
  • Surgical debridement, where dead or damaged tissue is medically removed

Diabetic Foot Care

We specialize in diabetic foot care and education to help patients and their families adjust to a healthy and active lifestyle. Services include:
  • Nail care
  • Diabetic foot wound care
  • Comprehensive foot assessment to identify risks for skin breakdown
  • Assistance with shoe inserts
  • Education and tips to care for feet


Ostomy Care

We are the only location in the region to offer complete ostomy services, including education for patients with ostomies and fistulas.

To improve quality of life for ostomy patients, our team offers assistance with the following:

  • Pre-surgical markings
  • Selection and fitting of medical bags for fecal containment
  • Prevention and treatment of skin problems related to having an ostomy
  • Purchase of medical supplies
  • Supportive care coordination
  • Post-surgery ostomy care
Picture of a skin laceration

Cuts are open wounds through the skin. Normally the skin is under slight, constant tension as it covers the body. A cut is a forceful injury to the skin.

Wound check: Overview

People have wounds that need care for many reasons. You may have a cut that needs care after surgery. You may have a cut, scrape, or puncture wound from an accident. Or you may have a wound because of a condition like diabetes.

Whatever the cause of your wound, there are things you can do to care for it at home.

Your doctor may also want you to come back for a wound check. The wound check lets the doctor know how your wound is healing and if you need more treatment.