Top 3 Dermatology Services

By: Tori Bowlin

September 07, 2022

Patient receiving facial at Renown Dermatology

Our skin loses its elasticity and ability to retain moisture as we age. As a result, sun exposure leads to age spots, wrinkles and even cancer.

Dermatologist-recommended treatments can reverse the signs of aging and help resolve skin conditions. The board-certified experts at Renown Dermatology, Laser and Skin Care provide care for various skin conditions—from psoriasis and acne to skin cancer.

We've outlined the top three treatments available, how they work, and the results you can expect.

1. Define with Dermaplane

Our popular Dermaplane procedure exfoliates the outermost layer of dead skin cells, and vellus hairs (peach fuzz), leaving the skin smooth and supple. A glycolic peel is then added for a fresh, healthy glow. Dermaplane can be combined with other skin care treatments and will reveal immediate results with zero downtime!

Your vellus (fine) facial hair will not become thicker or darker after dermaplaning. Instead, the hair will grow back but won't change color or thickness.

2. Illuminating Omnilux LED Light Therapy

LED therapy is a natural treatment, does not contain harmful UV wavelengths, and does not create heat or thermally damage the skin. Omnilux LEDs emit light photons of specific wavelengths into your skin and are absorbed by cell components, particularly the mitochondria.

Two Types of Light Therapy

Red Light
  • Reduces wrinkles by stimulating elastin and collagen
  • Improves skin tone
  • Warm, relaxing 20-minute treatment with no downtime
Blue Light
  • Reduces active acne
  • Helps reduce redness and inflammation
  • Reduces length of breakouts
  • Relaxing 20-minute treatment with no downtime

3. Therapeutic Triple Facial Plus

Reduce the appearance of fine lines instantly with our most popular skincare package. This ultra-conditioning treatment freshens the skin's appearance without extended healing or downtime. Enjoy three treatments in a single 60-minute session:

  1. Dermaplaning for exfoliation and the removal of vellus hair
  2. Glycolic mask for a fresh, healthy glow
  3. Laser toning for collagen stimulation


The Dermatology, Laser and Skin Care team offers competitively-priced treatments and procedures. In addition, our seasonal specials provide competitive pricing to help you stay on budget.
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