Meet Janelle Wood: Family, Hobbies & Everything In Between

May 13, 2024

Janelle Wood

Janelle Wood’s life has been filled with moves across several states, travel, different jobs, multiple hobbies and best of all – her big family. She is very close to and proud of her entire family, including her six children, six grandchildren and extended family members.

New Chapters

Janelle was born in 1950 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She lived there her entire childhood and attended the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville where she received her Associate degree in Accounting. She then moved a few different times to various states including Louisiana and Arizona. In 1981, she and her family moved to Reno where she worked for a construction and mining supply company. In 1993, they relocated to a small town in southern Georgia called Thomasville, where Janelle worked for another mining and manufacturing company. “I was ready for a change of scenery and wanted to explore living in a new area,” said Janelle. “I was intrigued by moving to a smaller town to raise my children.” She and her family lived there for about 10 years when she eventually got transferred to Chicago for her job, to work at the company’s headquarters. “I was once again excited for another change and was happy to experience living in a big city,” said Janelle. “I loved my job and getting to travel as much as I did.” Janelle worked for the company in Chicago until 2014 when she decided to retire and move back to Reno to be closer to her son, daughter and grandchildren.

Living to the Fullest

Today, Janelle lives in Damonte Ranch in south Reno. She loves spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains and by the water. Her other hobbies include reading, cooking, doing puzzles, playing computer games antique shopping and something very unique – exploring old graveyards. “I love how they’re full of history and each one is different – I also enjoy reading what the headstones say, and the stories they tell,” said Janelle. “When I travel, I like to explore the old cemeteries that are nearby.” Janelle’s son even bought her a book called 129 Cemeteries to Visit Before You Die. She’s been to a few of them. As for traveling, Janelle’s favorite destination she’s been to is Catalina Island – she loves the history there. She also loves Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Canada and Mexico. “I’m always up for going someplace new,” said Janelle

Janelle Wood hiking to Rainbow Falls in Mammoth, CA

When Christmas rolls around, Janelle loves to decorate. Her family finds it interesting just how crazy about Christmas she is. “I have 31 totes of Christmas décor and a dozen large decorations,” said Janelle. “My entire storage room is full of Christmas decorations. I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving and it takes me about 2 to 3 days to put everything up.” Janelle said Halloween is her second favorite holiday, which she also loves to decorate for.

Family Values

Above all else, Janelle’s favorite thing about being retired is having so much free time to spend with her children and grandchildren who live here in Reno. “I love helping my grandkids with their schoolwork and attending their sports and activities,” said Janelle. She has been volunteering at her grandchildren’s schools here in Reno ever since her now 14-year-old grandson started kindergarten. “Family is the highlight of my life,” said Janelle. She also makes sure to stay in contact and visit as often as possible with all of her family that lives out of state, including three of her children, one of her grandkids and some of her extended family. “One of my great nieces, Madison Marsh, was recently crowned Miss America, and another one of my great nieces, Madeline Bohlman, will be competing this summer for the title of Miss USA, as the current Miss Arkansas USA,” said Janelle. “I’m very proud of both of them for using their platforms to further such important issues; pancreatic cancer research and mental health, respectively.”

Lifelong Fan of Senior Care Plus

You may recognize Janelle from Senior Care Plus’ most recent television commercial. She is a big fan of Senior Care Plus and its many perks, including the Personal Assistant program that allows her to easily schedule an appointment, solve a billing issue, etc. “I had to wait until I was 65 to get the best insurance of my life – and that’s Senior Care Plus,” said Janelle. “After being a Senior Care Plus member for nearly nine years, I continue to appreciate its benefits more and more each year.”  

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