A Token of Appreciation: Renown’s Employee Giving Program

By: Courtney Lewis

November 22, 2023

Renown Employees Who Participate in Employee Giving Program

Pictured above from left to right: Jessica Bajwa, Nancy Bell, Laurie Goodman and Troy Fernandez

As we approach the holidays and the season of giving, we reflect on the generosity and kindness that our employees here at Renown embody. Since 2007, Renown employees have donated $2,931,018 through Renown’s Employee Giving Program. This program provides our staff with the opportunity to make a difference by funding advanced equipment, research, community health initiatives, professional training and more. Regardless of the dollar amount, every contribution has a meaningful impact and remains entirely within Renown to support our mission. Employees can participate in the program at any time of the year by signing up for recurring payroll deductions or by making a one-time donation of any dollar amount. They can donate to one of Renown’s top priority areas of support or a different fund of their choice. 

Meet Jessica, Nancy, Laurie and Troy 

Renown employees Jessica Bajwa, Nancy Bell, Laurie Goodman and Troy Fernandez all have their own reasons for participating in the Employee Giving Program, but they all share the same goal: To give back to their community. Jessica Bajwa has been working at Renown for about seven years. She was at an employee event five years ago and found out about the Employee Giving Program through Renown Health Foundation. They explained the different areas she could donate to and how to get signed up. When Jessica looked back on the comforting care and healing her daughter had received at Renown Children’s Hospital, she felt empowered to give back to other children and families staying at Renown, so she enrolled in recurring payroll deductions to donate to Healing Arts. “It’s so easy and convenient to sign up,” said Jessica. “It means a lot to me to give to this area where they provide a healing environment, especially for patients and families at Renown Children’s Hospital – My daughter still has a blanket they gave her when she was there,” Jessica said she likes that the Employee Giving Program allows employees to choose their area of support to donate to and donation amount.  

Nancy Bell said she’s proud to give back to Renown after having received a great amount of support from her coworkers during an incredibly difficult time when a family member of hers was being cared for in Renown’s ICU, just three weeks into her employment at Renown. “I had employees from not just my team but also across the organization reaching out to me and checking in to see how I was doing,” said Nancy. Nancy said she was positively impacted by that kind of support through her work family at Renown and decided to start giving back in 2011 by signing up for recurring payroll deductions to donate to the William N. Pennington Cancer Institute – to this day, she is still making donations to this area of support.  

When Laurie Goodman began working at Renown in 2013, Renown’s Human Resources team offered her different ways to give back as an employee. “At the time, I was often caring for foster children and seniors,” said Laurie. “My family and I have always wanted to help others in need.” Laurie had been taking care of an elderly woman who was a patient at the old Renown Skilled Nursing Facility and decided to enroll in payroll deductions to donate to this facility. When that facility closed, she received a letter asking which area she wanted to transfer her donations to, and she decided to begin donating to Renown Children’s Hospital to give back to kids in the community. “I’m fortunate for not only my employment at Renown, but my husband’s and daughter’s employment as well. As employees of Renown, we have such great jobs, benefits and opportunities, and I think we should all strive to give back to express our gratitude and appreciation.” 

At his employee orientation in 2012, Troy Fernandez heard about Renown’s Employee Giving Program and learned that funds were needed for individuals who needed financial support to pay for healthcare services at Renown. He knew his donations would go to a good cause and signed up for recurring payroll deductions to donate to the Greatest Need Fund. “It feels good to be able to give back to those who are less fortunate than us,” said Troy. “It was very easy to enroll in this program, and I’ve been donating to the same support area ever since.”

Join the Good Fight 

Renown Health Foundation invites and encourages all employees, patients and community members to help make a positive impact by giving back to the health and well-being of our community. 

We invite you to join us on the journey to a healthier tomorrow by donating to one of our 2023-2024 top priorities: 

  • Renown Children’s Hospital Endowment 
    Because every child deserves the best care now and into the future. Your donation helps us create a lasting impact on pediatric healthcare in our region, making a difference that echoes through generations.
  • William N. Pennington Cancer Institute 
    Because no one should have to travel far for exceptional cancer care. Your donation ensures that we can continue to provide cutting-edge treatments right here in our community. 
  • Renown Institute for Robotic Surgery 
    Because the future of surgical excellence is driven by innovation and technology. Your donation empowers us to offer the best in robotic-assisted surgeries, ensuring precision, faster recovery and improved outcomes. 
  • The Gerald "Jerry" Smith Academic Practice Partnership in Support of Nurses 
    Because nurturing the nursing talent of Nevada is vital. Your donation will provide tuition assistance, mentorship, and enhanced hands-on training. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, this initiative addresses the critical nursing shortage in our state, bringing skilled nurses to Renown and ensuring quality care for our community. 
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