A Tale of Life Done Right

By: Chad Norton

September 24, 2021

Women smiling

Once upon a time … in Incline 

This issue’s featured member began writing the latest chapter of her life story by retiring on Lake Tahoe’s north shore in Incline Village, NV. 

“I had several criteria when selecting a place to retire,” says MaryBeth. “And a healthy lifestyle was number one. The people who have settled in Incline are very active with both their minds and their bodies. It’s not a stagnant population, it is unusually robust. I’ve made wonderful friendships here and we really watch out for each other, which means the world to me.”

“I also wanted four seasons a year,” she continues. “And most importantly, I wanted a place that my son, Addison, would love to visit and share with me – and world-class skiing just minutes away scored extra points with both of us!”

Zürich and Beyond 

Skiing was something MaryBeth and Addison took to with a passion while living in Zürich, Switzerland. A business move to the land of the Alps (and Swiss chocolate) provided the perfect opportunity for an international education for her son and a culturally eye-opening experience for the family. 

“I was unprepared for what it was going to be like living in a foreign place, and I learned a lot about empathy as a non-native and the kindness of strangers, or not. Our seven years there gave us many easily available travel adventures on the other side of the globe, and the friendships I made with people around the world have been lifelong.”

“Divas” of the Garden 

“Tall and showy” is how MaryBeth lovingly describes the “Divas” of her garden, aka the delphiniums. Located in the sunny part of her yard, the plants explode in a variety of colors that accentuate her home’s landscaping and are a well-earned reward for her mountain gardening challenges.

“The very first thing you must do when creating a new garden is amend the soil,” explains MaryBeth. “It’s not sexy, but it’s necessary! And that’s when you learn that every shovelful of “mountain” dirt is loaded with rocks of every size – it’s fantastic exercise!”

And her neighbors appreciate the hard work. “I’ve made so many friends of all ages in the neighborhood while working outside in my garden,” shares MaryBeth. “They stop, chat, inquire about the plants and take photos all the time.”

Then with a smile, she adds, “You could call it my art.”

Aging-In to Life with Medicare

At 64 and on the cusp of Medicare eligibility, MaryBeth recently tasked herself with learning what she could about the plans and options that would soon be available to her and was overwhelmed.

“I made the mistake of entering my phone number on a Medicare website for “wanting more information” and had no less than 15 calls a day from health insurance brokers – from all over the country!” she exclaims. “What one person would tell me would then be questioned by the next. I eventually quit answering the phone.”

However, finding a Medicare plan that meets all of her needs is still a priority.

“First and foremost, since I am a traveler (at least before the pandemic) I want to have a healthcare plan that will cover me in any state,” MaryBeth explains. “I would also like a policy that allows for alternative treatments, such as acupuncture – which I’ve had great success with in the past. I know that getting a good Rx plan now will save me money down the line, and I also want to be able to see a specialist without seeing a provider first for a referral.”

MaryBeth learns a little more about the “aging-in” process every day and credits the Sterling Silver Club with some of that education.

“I’m just beginning to understand Medicare, Social Security, etc,” she says. “The club really keys in on issues and topics unique to the senior aging community and presents ways to create a more fulfilling retirement. And I’ve become a big fan of the virtual meditation and yoga classes!”


Tips to Add to Your Tale

MaryBeth makes an effort to ensure that her story is always about living her best life, and she has a few pointers to help other older adults do the same. 

“If you have an inkling to do something, do it! Try it! Now you have the time,” she advises. “Create a new circle of friends, or just one person, perhaps who has different interests, and learn from their expertise. And don’t forget to do what you need to do to get a good night’s sleep. Waking up refreshed and starting the day positively is a great habit to nourish.”  

The Sterling Silver Club thanks MaryBeth for sharing her story and being such a wonderful collaborator for this issue of Seasons. And we appreciate all of our members for inspiring others to live their best and healthiest lives.

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