A Gift From Dolan Auto Group

By: Emily Najera

June 03, 2024

Dolan Toyota Car Donation

One of the first challenges Renown Rehabilitation Hospital patients face at discharge is entering a vehicle. This task holds significant importance for those on the road to recovery. Now, patients at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital can practice getting into a car before leaving, thanks to a generous donation from the Dolan Auto Group—a Toyota Highlander. This transformative gift was received by Renown Health Foundation last November. It allows therapists to help patients relearn and practice the critical skill of independently entering and exiting a vehicle.

For Renown, the Dolan donation enhances our rehabilitation programs, nurturing a brighter and more self-reliant future for those in our care. Real-world practice is invaluable for those recuperating from illness or injury. "The Highlander enables patients to gain confidence in returning home and into the community, fostering independence," said Seth Langevin, Vice President of Neurosciences & Cardiovascular Service Lines at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital. “These opportunities help patients rebuild skills for life beyond the hospital walls,” continued Langevin. Dolan Auto Group's generosity echoes the spirit of community and underscores the power a vehicle can have in shaping lives and advancing healthcare in northern Nevada.

A Legacy of Generosity

The Dolan family, led by Tom Dolan, the owner, and founder of Dolan Auto Group, alongside his sons, Ryan, and Brady, has a long history of supporting Renown Health. In 2019, Tom's personal experiences in healthcare inspired him to generously contribute to the existing Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Renown South Meadows. Tom's donation doubled the equipment in the program, significantly expanding the number of patients we can treat and improving access to pulmonary rehab for our community. In recognition of his generosity, the program was named the Thomas S. Dolan Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

Last year, Brady Dolan, COO of Dolan Auto Group and dedicated member of Renown's business board, spearheaded their donation of the Toyota Highlander to Renown Rehabilitation Hospital. Reflecting on his donation, Brady said, “Our community thrives when we come together to support one another.”

Brady's dedication to helping others extends far beyond this donation. He's been a devoted supporter of Renown for years, volunteering on the Renown Health Foundation board and actively participating in events like Miracles at Montreux for Renown Children’s Hospital. Together with his family, Brady's ongoing kindness makes a significant difference in northern Nevada.

The Impact of the Toyota Highlander

Since the Highlander arrived at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, its impact has been remarkable. Functional mobility has increased by 20 percent among over 500 patients who used the car. Car transfers, one of 22 crucial functional tasks assessed by the rehabilitation team, have seen substantial improvement. “The immediate progress highlights how crucial this donation is for advancing rehabilitation efforts at Renown, reinforcing our commitment to improving patient outcomes and restoring independence,” said Langevin.

Patient Spotlight: Linda’s Rehabilitation Journey

Meet Linda, a recent hip replacement patient who has benefited from Renown's personalized recovery programs. During her time at the hospital, Linda worked closely with her physical therapists and used the Toyota Highlander to help with her rehab. “I’m thankful for the car because it helped me practice getting in and out, which has made a big difference in getting me ready to leave,” said Linda.

Linda practiced car transfers twice a day, building her confidence and mobility. Her efforts were documented in her 'rehab passport to freedom'—a record of her achievements throughout the rehabilitation process. Within this passport, mastering the skill of getting in and out of a car stands out as a pivotal milestone, representing a significant step towards regaining her independence.

Lisa Stiegman, Manager of Rehab Therapy Services at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, expressed gratitude for the impact of the Toyota Highlander on patients. "We are very thankful to the Dolan Auto Group for donating a Toyota Highlander for use with our patients," she emphasized. "Not many people realize, but one of the requirements for all our rehabilitation patients is that they, and their families or caregivers, are trained on how to get in and out of a vehicle safely. All of us in the therapy department thank the Dolan’s for their generous support.”

Strengthening Community Through Philanthropy

As the largest locally governed not-for-profit health system in northern Nevada, Renown is dedicated to serving our community with the highest standards of care. Our ability to expand our services relies heavily on the generosity of partners like Dolan Auto Group. It is through these partnerships and the support of our community that we can keep our patients close to home while providing the comprehensive care they deserve. We stay deeply grateful to the Dolan family for their ongoing support that allows us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Join the Good Fight

If you would like to support Renown Health and contribute to our mission of empowering patients in their rehabilitation journey, please consider making a charitable donation. Your support allows us to continue providing vital resources and services to those in need. To donate, please visit renown.org/donate.


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