Participating in Clinical Research

Research studies play a vital role in aiding health providers in preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease.

Deciding to participate in a research study is a very personal choice. Once enrolled, researchers may contact you regarding your participation interest. As part of your patient rights, you always have the option to opt-out of communications with researchers and may do so by filling out this simple form.

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If you wish to opt-out, please send us and email, or fill out the form below to be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I received a message about participating in a research study. Why did I receive this message?

    Researchers use different methods to identify people who we've determined to be eligible to participate in research studies. One method is to contact people who have received medical care from Renown who we believe might be eligible to participate in a research study. Renown’s Research team works to facilitate this outreach method. Research studies are recommended to patients based on a computer-aided search. No one outside the research team has looked at your medical record; your private medical information is protected.

  • Do I need to participate in a study I am invited to?

    You are under no obligation to join a study. It is your decision to participate and it will not affect your medical care at Renown.

  • Will Renown be contacting me about participating in research studies?

    Renown's patients using computer-aided tools. Those researchers may contact certain patients who meet specific criteria to ask about participating in a study.

  • What are clinical research studies?

    Health providers and scientists use clinical research studies to answer questions about healthcare. Research can find better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases and disorders. There are many kinds of clinical research studies. For example, some studies test new medicines or devices. Other studies use interviews to learn about health problems or risk factors for health problems.

  • Why do people participate in research studies?

    Every study is different, and the reasons people participate are different. Some reasons people take part in a study are to:

    • help others
    • help advance science
    • possibly improve their own health
    • gain access to treatments before they become widely available
    • access treatment options that might not be available outside of the research


  • Can only people with a disease or specific medical problem participate in research?
    Many types of people are needed to participate in research studies. Some studies need healthy persons. Other studies need persons with specific health problems. People of all ages and from all ethnic groups are needed. Every study has its own eligibility criteria, which will help you determine if you qualify to participate.
  • Will my personal health information be protected if I participate in a study?
    Yes. It is the legal and ethical responsibility for Renown to protect and preserve personal and confidential patient information. This includes information collected and used for research purposes.
  • What laws does Renown comply with when conducting research studies?
    Renown researchers comply with federal regulations, state laws, Renown polices and national standards for research involving human participants. Additionally, before a study can begin, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) affiliated with Renown must approve the study. The IRB is a committee of health providers, scientists, and people from the community who make sure that people in the research study will be treated fairly and that all risks, if any, will be explained to you.
  • Where can I find out about research studies at Renown?
    Renown conducts many different types of research studies. Clinical trials, which are studies that test the safety and effectiveness of drugs or devices, are an important focus area. There are currently more than 100 clinical trials at Renown that are looking for research participants. You can find information about research studies at Renown Health by visiting Current Clinical Trials.
  • Whom can I contact if I have more questions?

    If you'd like to learn more, or would like to opt out of receiving information related to research opportunities, contact 775-982-2781 or send an email to Someone will contact you within three business days.

    You may also click here for more information.


    In addition, Renown Health offers the Healthy Nevada Project. The Healthy Nevada Project is a clinical study offering participants, at no-cost, the opportunity to learn about their ancestry, diet insights and genetic risks linked to heart disease and certain cancers, including prevention strategies. To learn more about the Healthy Nevada Project, please visit