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Premier Care

Renown's Concierge Medical Practice

Renown Health Premier Care is a membership-based concierge medicine program that puts you in charge of your health by providing unparalleled communication and convenience with your healthcare team — online and in person. It’s primary care, plus a whole lot more. 

With individual, one-on-one interaction you can establish a relationship with your doctors and nurses that reaches beyond traditional appointment-based visits. Our Premier Care program offers a range of doctors with reduced-size practices. And with fewer patients to treat, our doctors have more time to devote to creating a personal healthcare program for you.


Advantages of Premier Care

  • Smaller practices with low-patient volume
  • Personal relationships with your dedicated healthcare team
  • Same or next-day urgent care appointments with your Premier Care doctor
  • Onsite basic lab draws 
  • Virtual care appointments 
  • Secure messaging with your healthcare team 24/7
  • Coordinated access to Renown Health's integrated health network

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the annual Premier Care membership fee?
    Renown has established affordable annual membership fees for individuals. Patient membership fees range from $995-$1,800 per year, which can be paid through monthly payments upon request. *Payments may be made in 12 monthly installments by providing Renown Premier Care Program with a credit card number, expiration date and verification number, and the name under which the card is issued. Member shall authorize Renown Premier Care Program to charge 1/12 of the applicable membership fee each month during the Membership Year, and authorizes an additional $50 Administrative Fee to be added to the annual fee.
  • Why does Premier Care charge a membership fee?
    The annual membership fee for Premier Care members (which can be paid through monthly payments) is necessary to allow a smaller patient base. Most primary care practices take care of 2,000 to 3,000 patients; Renown’s Premier Primary care doctors will care for 300 to 600 patients enabling them to spend more time with each patient during office visits, see patients the same or next day of an appointment request and respond to patient phone calls and/or emails within 24 hours/7 days a week to name just a few enhanced services.
  • Why would someone decide to become a member of the Premier Care program?
    Convenience and ease of access to the doctor afforded through a smaller practice is probably the most compelling reason someone would want to join a Premier Care medical program. For example, someone who travels extensively may need timely access to his/her doctor during non-traditional office hours including weekends. Because of that person’s circumstances, Premier Care may be a better option than traditional primary care doctor practices.
  • What are the qualifications of the Premier Care doctors?

    Premier Care Program doctors are highly qualified, board certified specialists in internal and family medicine.

  • Do I still need my health insurance?

    Yes. The Premier Care program does not take the place of general health insurance coverage. Insurance companies will be billed directly and the standard co-pay will apply. The purpose of the membership fee is to ensure easy access to the doctor and the practice.

  • Does my membership fee cover any of my medical expenses such as office visits, lab and imaging services or even hospital stays?

    No. For medical services such as these, insurance companies will continue to be billed directly and the standard co-pay will apply. The purpose of the Premier Care membership fee is to ensure easy access to the doctor and the practice.

  • What if I sign up for Premier Care, but find that I don't really need the increased access and convenience a smaller practice provides - can I get a refund or opt-out of the program?

    Patients have the ability to terminate the agreement at anytime upon 30 days written notice to the Program. If you find that the Premier Care program is not for you, we will be happy to assist your search for another primary care doctor (see information below about resources).

  • Will my Premier Care doctor see me if I am hospitalized?

    All hospital admissions are done by both Renown hospitalists and UNR rounding teams. Your Premier Care doctor will follow your care closely and provide post-discharge care management.

  • How is a Premier Care doctor different from other primary care doctors I've seen?

    Renown Premier Care doctors practice at a dedicated medical group location at 6570 S. McCarran Blvd. 

  • What if I decide Premier Care isn't the right option for me - will I need a new primary care doctor?

    If your current doctor has elected to join Renown’s Premier Care program and you decide not to join, you will need to select a new primary care doctor that matches your healthcare needs and philosophy. You can visit Find A Doctor which features complete profiles for over 80 excellent Renown Medical Group doctors in 18 medical group locations. You can also call our Medical Group Scheduling at 775-982-5000.