Renown Car Seat Safety inspection team

Car Seat Safety

Keeping Your Children Safe

The Point of Impact Car Seat Inspection and Installation program offers checkpoints throughout the region. Renown Health is proud to partner with REMSA Health to assure the safety of our community.  


Nevada State Requirements

Nevada state law requires those children less than 6 years of age and weighing 60 pounds or less to be secured in an appropriate child restraint system while being transported in a motor vehicle.

REMSA Car Seat Inspections

REMSA's Point of Impact program encourages parents to ensure their car seats are properly installed. View REMSA's website for upcoming Free Car Seat Inspections. REMSA Events

Car Seat Safety Tips

A 3 month old baby sitting in a carseat in the backseat of an auto

Car Seat Safety Tips

The best way to keep your child safe in the car is to use the right car seat in the right way. Learn how to protect your most precious cargo with these tips.

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