Patient with therapy dog

Pet Therapy

Meet Our Pet Therapy Dogs

Interacting with a furry friend can provide comfort, reduce boredom, increase social interactions, improve mood and general well-being – and bring a smile to one's face!

Through Animal Assisted Interactions (AAI) and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), our goal is to enhance the patient experience, reduce recovery time and shorten a hospital stay.

Here are just a few of the benefits of AAI and AAT:

  • Petting a dog lowers blood pressure and heart rate by relieving anxiety
  • Helps in pain management
  • Eases feelings of depression, loneliness, boredom, and isolation
  • Stimulates communication
  • Encourages physical activity

Interested in Joining the Program?

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It's all about the hair, and this cheerful guy sports the best Mohawk you'll ever see on a dog! Marvin enjoys belly rubs, having his hair styled, stealing food from his favorite toddlers, chasing bunnies, and loves cheesy snacks – can you blame him? He was born on May 22, 2013.


This gorgeous and cheery American Cocker Spaniel was born on November 22, 2016. Hallie loves people, paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe, going to the beach, chasing birds, and watching Lady and the Tramp! Hallie’s favorite treat is lamb and salmon.


Born in July of 2010, this sweet little Chihuahua enjoys going to the park, car rides, and cuddling. Lacy's favorite treat is bacon. (Who doesn't love bacon?)


This sweet and curly Portuguese Water Dog was born on July 13th, 2010. Baci enjoys swimming and she adores doggy cookies.


Hiking and fetching toys are just a few of the activities this energetic, bubbly Shetland Sheepdog loves. Born in September 2015, Chester accepts pets from anyone, and his favorite treats are carrots and broccoli.

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