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At Renown Dermatology, Laser & Skin Care, our experienced providers offer a wide range of services, coupled with advanced medical technology.   Skincare services include dermatology and competitively-priced treatments and procedures.

Our professional and compassionate staff focuses on promoting lifelong health and wellness in a relaxing, modern atmosphere.

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Examining your skin for signs of skin cancer

Skin cancer, including melanoma, is curable if spotted early. A careful skin exam may identify suspicious growths that may be cancer or growths that may develop into skin cancer (precancers).

  • Learn the ABCDEs of early detection.

    These are the changes in a mole or skin growth that are warning signs of melanoma.

  • Examine your skin once every month.

    Get to know your moles and birthmarks. And look for any abnormal skin growth and any change in the color, shape, size, or appearance of a skin growth.

  • Check for any area of skin that does not heal after an injury.
  • Ask your doctor to check your skin during health exams.

    Most experts recommend having your skin examined regularly.

  • Bring any suspicious skin growths or changes in a mole to the attention of your doctor.